What is Tree Time Adventures?

Tree Time Adventures is an outdoor aerial obstacle course and tree top experience. Our courses take you on a 2-3-hour self-guided tour through the tree canopy. You will climb through obstacles and fly down zip lines leaving you feeling excited and strong. We begin with equipping every guest with our top of the line safety gear and equipment, including harnesses, pulleys, carabiners and helmets. We then take you through a detailed 30-minute safety briefing where you learn how to use the equipment and navigate the course. Once you have completed the safety brief, or as we call it, Squire School, you are free to enjoy a self guided and self-paced adventure through the forest canopy. Instructors are always near by and just a zipline away. You will find them regularly stationed nearby and patrolling the forest should you have any questions, need some help or just need some tips on how to conquer an obstacle. All Tree Time Adventure courses are environmentally designed to integrate carefully within the environment preserving as much of the natural setting as we can. This ensures that each Tree Top Adventure course offers guests a unique experience with zip lines and bridges customized to the local environment providing you with an authentic outdoor experience.

What are the age, height and supervision requirements?

At TREE TIME ADVENTURES we have guest restrictions for age, height, weight, and adult supervision. They are in place to ensure the utmost safety standards are met for your family and our own. 

ADULT (18+) + YOUTH (7 – 14) 

One participating adult (18+) is required to supervise up to three(3) children aged 7-14 years old.
Participating adults may not supervise from the ground, they must go through the course with all minors. The 15-17 year olds do not require a participating adult, but they do require a waiver signed by either their parent or legal guardian.



MINIMUM HEIGHT: 4 FT 3 IN (51 inches)

MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 285 LBS (subject to harness fit)

Can I Zipline without going through the obstacles?

YES! YES! YES! Sometimes all you want to do is fly through the air. Tree Time Adventures has a freestanding zipline that will carry you through the trees and across the valley. You'll get a birds eye view on the way down and a gorgeous stroll through the trees back to the top where you can hop right back on.


We highly recommend that you book your TREE TIME ADVENTURE online and ahead of time. We tend to be very busy on weekends and holidays so booking in advance will ensure that you have a spot available for your TREE TIME adventure. Should you have any trouble booking online, just give us a call and we can book you over the phone at 1-804-912-0050. Full payment is due at the time of booking, whether you book online, over the phone or in person. Booking in advance will ensure that you have a spot available for your adventure.

Will the harness fit me?

TREE TIME ADVENTURES uses only the best harnesses and helmets to ensure you’re safety throughout your time in the trees. Our maximum waist measurement of the harness is 43 inches and the leg loops (which go around the top of your thighs) is 28 inches. If you aren't sure about the fit just stop by and we will be happy to let you try one on ahead of booking.

Are there physical restrictions?

The TREE TIME ADVENTURE course does require a bit of physical fitness. If you can climb up a rope ladder you should be fine. Should you get on the course and have a hard time we have team members throughout who can help anyone get down.


Can I do the course if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

We strongly advise ALL guests with pre-existing medical conditions to speak with their doctor prior to booking a TREE TIME ADVENTURE course. Our staff are not trained medical professionals, they are only trained on the course. They will not be allowed to assess the implications of the TREE TIME ADVENTURES activity on your pre-existing conditions. ONLY a medical professional can make that assessment.

Can I do the course if I'm pregnant?

TREE TIME ADVENTURES highly recommends that pregnant women do not take part in the course. However, we are not trained medical professionals, so we highly suggest that all pregnant guests seek their doctor’s advice before booking and of our activities.

Can I go on the TREE TIME ADVENTURE courses if I have a disability?

PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY and our Additional Support Guide if you are a persons with a disability and would like to know if you can still go on the TREE TIME ADVENTURES course.

At TREE TIME ADVENTURES, we have certain age, height, and weight restrictions for safety purposes, but we welcome all persons who meet this criteria onto our courses. With the level of challenge on all of our courses, for some participants with special needs, we must require certain measures be taken for a participant’s safety. This may include, but is not limited to, additional equipment and/or levels of supervision for safe participation.

A fundamental requirement for all TREE TIME ADVENTURES guests to participate is the ability to climb a rope ladder without aid. All participants go through Squire School, a 30 minute training session on the use of safety equipment and systems prior to going onto any course. It's imperative that all participants are able to understand the training and are able to apply it on the course. Any participant with a disability must assess whether or not they feel they will be able to complete the course safely.

As always, safety is our top priority. While each participant is required to determine their own risk assessment, in certain circumstances, it is necessary for TREE TIME ADVENTURES to implement approved safety requirements that are required for safe operation of the course and all climbing gear. Due to our high safety standards, we require specific policies for various disabilities that include having 1-2 safety escorts for each participant with a disability. TREE TIME ADVENTURES does not charge for extra escorts that exceed the standard supervision requirement. In the event that at least 2-3 weeks’ notice is provided, TREE TIME ADVENTURES will attempt to provide sign-language interpreters, as well as, additional escorts if possible.

No matter the situation, if you have a disability or just a question, please contact us at admin@treetimeadventures.com to discuss your specific needs. Should you determine that you are physically unable or just don't feel comfortable participating due to your disability, TREE TIME ADVENTURES will be happy to provide you a full refund. We highly recommend that anyone questioning their ability to participate in the course come out to see it in person before making their decision. 

What happens in poor weather conditions?

TREE TIME ADVENTURES is open rain or shine. courtesy of our natural settings we have a great tree canopy that helps to cover us in all weather conditions. When it’s extremely hot, it typically feels several degrees cooler under the tree canopy. You will find water stations conveniently located throughout our courses. Should you get rained out and not want to climb in the rain, we can reschedule your climb for another day. We monitor the weather daily for snow, ice, lightning and high winds, and will close the course as necessary to keep our guests safe. Please refer to our cancellation policy for additional details.

What is our cancellation, no show and refund policy?

FOR ALL cancellation or rescheduling requests you must contact the booking line at 1-804-912-0050

ALL GUESTS are responsible for ensuring that TREE TIME ADVENTURES receives their request for cancellation.

Any guest canceling 7 days or more prior to the reserved booking date will have the option to reschedule their booking, receive a gift certificate allowing them to reschedule at a later date. If a reschedule is not possible a full monetary refund can be requested and only approved by management. Applicable non-refundable online transaction fees shall apply to all partial refunds of a booking. All guests canceling less than 7 days prior to the reserved booking date will not receive a monetary refund, but may reschedule the booking or receive a gift certificate allowing them to reschedule at a later date.

ALL participants who do not show for their reserved booking time without prior notice of cancellation or late arrival shall be subject to the NO-SHOW policy and will not be eligible for monetary refund, rescheduling, or other credit. The Cancellation Policy as set forth here is applicable to individual participants within a group booking as well.

Please note that groups with a booking contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in their contract. Cancellation and related details are set forth in applicable group booking contracts.

Additionally, bookings purchased through third-party vendors are subject to the terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, as set forth in their agreement with such third-party vendor.

In fairness to all guests, participants with reserved bookings who fail to show for their reserved booking time and provide no prior notice of cancellation are liable for the entire booking cost. The No-Show Policy is applicable to all participants, including individual participants within a group booking.

* No-shows are not eligible for monetary refund, credit, gift certificate, rescheduling of the event, or any other reimbursement. The entire booking cost will be forfeited.

In the event that TREE TIME ADVENTURES needs to close the course prior to your booking, guests will have the option to reschedule the booking, receive a gift certificate to schedule at a later date, or a full monetary refund.

In the event the course needs to close during your adventure, guests will have the ability to reschedule for a full adventure at a later date or receive a gift certificate to schedule at a later date. Under these circumstances, no monetary refunds will be issued.

Contractual group bookings and bookings purchased through third-party vendors shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in their respective agreements, including terms related to cancellations on behalf of TREE TIME ADVENTURES.

Please view our Booking Terms and Conditions for more information.



Do you offer discounts?

At TREE TIME ADVENTURES we are on a mission to help others live life to its fullest. In doing so we offer discounts to qualifying individuals or groups to achieve that mission. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest TREE TIME ADVENTURES news and our exclusive discounts right into your inbox! For discounts that require a specified ID, like military/government personal we ask that guests bring identification with them to the course for validation. We also offer discounts for groups. Please visit our Groups page to request a quote from our admin team.


Opening times vary by season and are influenced by daylight hours. We recommend that guests check availability in advance using the calendar on our online booking system. To view our calendar of availability, select your location from the Book Now page. You may also call us at 804-912-0050 for a list of our current hours. 

Do you have an instructor throughout the course?

You will receive a 30-minute safety briefing through our Squire School and training from a qualified instructor before you begin the course. After you’ve completed the  safety briefing and we have answered all of your questions and concerns you’re officially ready to climb through the course. Although the course is self-guided, our TREE TIME ADVENTURERS(that's what we call our team) is constantly climbing the trees to offer assistance, encouragement and tips to complete the course as needed.

Can all friends and family watch from the ground, including those with disabilities?

Yes, ALWAYS AND ANY TIME. We encourage all of our guests and other park activity users to view the course activity from the ground. It's typically a great show. We also have trails below the course that are free of charge and open to the public as well as benches throughout for stopping and resting or just relaxing in the great outdoors. All are welcome to use the trails to watch friends and family playing in the treetops.

Does TREE TIME ADVENTURES offer team building?

Our TREE TIME ADVENTURE course is always a perfect environment for team building. The course provides perfect opportunity for groups to work together as they figure out how to navigate the obstacles. It creates opportunity to encourage each other along the way. Companies and organizations have found TREE TIME ADVENTURES to be a great activity to have a blast and test their limits while building a  camaraderie amongst your team that's sure to last long after you return to the office.

Do I need to Dress a certain way or bring anything with me?

The TREE TIME ADVENTURE course is an outdoor activity that does require a little bit of climbing and swinging so you may want to come in clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. We recommend participants check the weather before arriving and dress appropriately for the conditions. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. We recommend ankle-supporting boots, but sneakers are fine too. Basically, anything you can be active in and not get hurt. We do not allow participants to wear sandals, open-toed or slip-on shoes. Some participants like to wear gloves, especially if it’s cold or your hands are sensitive. Gloves are available for purchase at TREE TIME ADVENTURES. Long hair has to be tied back, waists covered and body piercings and jewelry removed or taped over. You may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.

We highly recommend you bring cameras, phones, or any other device on the course to capture the moment, as long as they are secured to you and tucked away to prevent them from getting caught or falling to the ground. Water is available on the course, but you may also bring a water bottle if it can be attached with a carabiner to your harness (please bring your own carabiner). We don’t recommend you bring a bag with you into the trees because they are bulky, but if you must bring a bag, it should fit closely to your body like a backpack or fanny pack and may not interfere with the harness or required TREE TIME ADVENTURE gear.


When should I arrive for my adventure?

We recommend that you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session time. This will ensure you have plenty of time to find your way through the park, park your car, complete any waivers and use the restrooms before you start your adventure. You may want to increase that time on weekends and holidays when both the park and TREE TIME ADVENTURES experience increased traffic. If you arrive late and miss your adventure, or cancel day of, you are still charged for your session, so be sure to leave yourself some extra time.

Do I need any kind of paperwork or documentation?

Nope, in fact we prefer to save as many trees as we can, obviously we depend on them, so we try to do as much electronically as possible! All guests in your group should complete their waiver online. A link to the waiver can be found in your reservation confirmation email. By completing this in advance you will save time when checking in for your TREE TIME ADVENTURE activity.


We have multiple contact us forms throughout our site with our address and a map. But just in case you missed them our address is listed below. We suggest using google maps or a navigator. We are located back behind the Prince George Library at Scott Memorial Park. The entrance to the park is located right by the soccer fields at Scott Memorial Park in Prince George. Until we get our permanent signage up you will see our big banners from the street to the entrance to help guide you to the course.


6680 Courthouse Rd. 

Prince George, VA 23875

Is it safe?

We take the safety of our guests very serious, our own family plays on the course, so we treat you just like family. We ensure that everyone who comes to TREE TIME ADVENTURES has the training and skills to complete a course without putting themselves or anyone else in danger. For the safety of everyone on the course, we require all participants to read and sign our waiver before going onto any part of the course. We also require a 30 minute safety briefing for both new and returning guests. This way we know everyone knows what to do when they are playing on the course. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all waivers must be signed before starting Squire School for their safety briefing. We must have the waiver signed before we equip you with our safety harnesses and equipment. All TREE TIME ADVENTURE participants will sign a waiver for themselves and anyone they are supervising on the course. We provide you with Adult and Minor waivers online or in person. We prefer you fill them out online before you come so we can quickly get you swinging and zipping. 


We've always got you covered, whether by tree canopy or insurance. All TREE TIME ADVENTURES courses are insured at levels that typically exceed ACCT standards and applicable state regulations. 



Is there a time limit to complete the course?

On average it takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete a TREE TIME ADVENTURES course. This can vary based on the size of your group, level of experience and how busy the courses are on that particular day.

Although there is no time limit, a TREE TIME ADVENTURE course should take the average guest between 2 and 3 hours to complete. TREE TIME ADVENTURES does operate during daytime hours and everyone must complete the course and be safely back on the ground by sunset. We encourage you to go at your own pace. Whether you know you move fast, or like to take the slower route, a great tip is to book your adventure on a weekday or earlier in the day so there are fewer people ahead or behind you. But don't worry you'll find our Tree Time Adventurers all throughout the course to help you overcome any hurdles.

What if I'm afraid of heights?

If you are worried about your spaghetti legs or shaky arms, you are not alone. It turns out TREE TIME ADVENTURES is a fantastic way to overcome your fears! What better way to overcome your fear than being  equipped with the top safety features in the industry right now and surrounded by well trained staff. With our 5 point harnesses and continuous belays you won't have to worry about a thing. We are extremely proud to have helped many of our guests conquer their fear of heights. Give it a try, we promise you won't regret it. Don’t let your fears hold you back. Conquer them with TREE TIME ADVENTURES.

Do you provide a place to change my clothes if necessary?

There are porta-Johns temporarily, until our restrooms on site have water and power going to them, where you can change before and/or after you finish swinging through the trees. We know porta-johns aren't the best but we just couldn't wait to open for you all. We will have bathrooms in the blink of an eye, or shall we say the sip of a line.

Do you provide safe storage for personal items when I'm on the course?

We recommend that you leave all your large, valuable or personal items at home or safely locked in your car. We do not have lockers or storage for guests to access. We can not store them in our building or behind our counter. We do appreciate your trust in us but we don't want to risk anything getting lost on our watch. 

Can I rent a picnic table or shelter?

No one wants a hungry team, feed them picnic style under or at our multiple picnic tables. Picnic tables are available at the park but they are on a first come first serve basis, or you may reserve ahead of time for a small fee. Our pavilion will be coming soon. To find out about pavilions and other park amenities, please contact the park directly at admin@treetimeadventures.com

How do I reserve space for Disc Golf or Mud Runs?

To request information in regard to our other park amenities, such as pavilion rentals, disc golf or mud runs, please contact us directly at admin@treetimeadventures.com